Call for Workshops

The call for workshops or book presentations for the second edition of the event Michele Taruffo Girona Evidence Week is now open!

The proposal submission deadline is May 31st 2024.

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Plenary conferences


Evidential legal reasoning in High Courts

American Perspectives on Plea Bargaining

Short courses

Official Workshops

WS 1. Artificial Intelligence and Legal Proof: AI Models (in Support) of Legal Evidential Reasoning

WS 2. Proof and error: different analytical perspectives in criminal justice

WS 3. Contemporary issues of evidence law and criminal trials

WS 4. Workshop on ethical implications of the use of new technologies in fact-finding

WS 5. Workshop on Evidence Law Reform and Related Scholarship in China

WS 6. Juridical Proof as an Explanation. Conversing with Ron Allen

Accepted Workshops (Call for workshops)